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Waddings are sold by the metre and we carry a stock list of around 40 different kinds. Click on Waddipaedia for
information on the types of wadding and their properties and recommended uses. If you want further information
do give us a ring.

If you or your quilting group purchase a whole roll of wadding you are entitled to a 20% discount on the roll cost.

Solihull Embroiderers' Guild

Solihull Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild is busy making Tactile Books for Blind Children. Topics are wide ranging – Nursery Rhymes, 1, 2 Buckle my Shoe, verses from Spike Milligan’s Silly Verse for Kids, The Tale of the Lost Button, Things I Like, Matching Shapes and The Tale of the Caterpillar. The books are completely tactile using as many different shapes, objects, textiles and textures as possible to help the children begin to explore life through their fingers. The Guild members are enjoying solving problems which do not often come their way as embroiderers – how to make a caterpillar, how to make the spider go down the plug hole, what stitch, fabric and thread to use which will feel as much like grass as possible. When these books are finished they will go to ‘Clearvision’ a National Library for children with visual problems. Clearvision will add the Braille beneath the text of the story before loaning out the books.

Our Sew-in Pelmet Vilene (Buckram/firm interfacing) and Soft and Bright wadding are used to make the book pages.

Talks and a mobile shop (providing needles, threads and other notions) are available for groups. For details of talks
available ring Sue on 01527 584486.

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